Rev. & Mrs. Lang Brittian

Post graduation, Mr. Lang Brittain, a distinguished member of the BBC graduating class of 1975, was ordained and worked as a Pastor before he and his wife Judy went on to serve as Missionaries in Africa.  Today Lang and Judy also serve as guest instructors at BBC, facilitating a number of on-line courses.  Having served as a minister, missionary and teacher for many years, Lang encourages others to fearlessly follow God's calling reminding us that "The power of Christ's love for you is stronger than anything that may come against you".

Ms. Meredith Reynard


Mr. Robert Hernandez

A recent graduate of Berean Bible College, Robert is a testimony to God's power at work in our lives.  While working full time in a demanding job, Mr. Hernandez trusted in God to help him excel at school and in the workplace, attending BBC as a full time student majoring in Missions and Pastoral ministry.  During his tenure at BBC, Mr. Hernandez served as chaplain leading BBC's chapel service, providing an opportunity to gain invaluable experience that God would use post graduation.  Responding to the doors God has opened and utilizing the ministry experience gained while attending BBC, Robert presently leads prison outreach services, serves as a bible college instructor and remains very active in his local church.        

Rev. Bobby San Miguel


Rev. Doug Balcombe


Mr. & Mrs. Lang Brittain
Mr. & Mrs. Lang Brittain
Mr. & Mrs. Lang Brittain

Berean Bible college Vision

From its inception, the vision of BBC has been to provide an institution that encompasses the diversity of the entire Christian community, teaching and training those desiring to serve God more effectively. Seasoned ministry leaders instruct classes in their areas of expertise, challenging and educating students regardless of denomination.  Every seminary school and Bible college aims for academic quality, and we are no exception.  At Berean Bible College, every effort is made by the faculty to create a culture of scholastic excellence.


Established by George and Rita Evans in September 1971, Berean Bible College has been equipping Christian laborers for more than four decades.  Originally located in San Diego, Berean Bible College moved its campus to Poway, CA in 1991 and is located on the property of Living Way Church.  Rev. Douglas Balcombe, Senior Pastor Emeritis of Living Way Church, serves as President of our institution.  Throughout its history, BBC has remained a Bible institute where individuals can study the Word of God, grow in their personal walk with the Lord and be equipped to serve Him in Christian ministry.

bible college staff

We welcome any questions you may have about Berean Bible College and look forward to your participation in upcoming classes.

equipping generations for service in christian ministry

Berean Bible College serves to assist individuals in developing their God-given talents.  We believe in baptism in the Holy Spirit and encourage application of Spiritual gifts.  We recognize that a degree or diploma does not necessarily produce a ministry.  Our approach is one of practical application, equipping individuals to serve in the area of ministry they are called to.  While BBC does not ordain, license or offer placement services to graduates, our long standing commitment to "excellence in preparation" is evident in the number of alumni around the world who graduated from BBC and are now working in ministry. 


Berean Bible College graduates are part of a worldwide fellowship.  BBC is honored to share how alumni throughout BBC's long history are serving the Lord in many exciting ways.  We hope the experiences of these featured graduates will be a source of encouragement and inspiration. 

Rev. Annilie Ganan

While working  and raising a family, Annilie sought a deeper understanding of God's Word and responded to His calling, enrolling in Berean Bible College.  Since graduating from BBC, Annilie has served as a missionary in the Philippines and China and answered God's call to pastoral service.  Today, Reverend Ganan is pastor of Gospel Tidings church.  Berean Bible College is also blessed to have Rev. Annilie Ganan teaching foundational Bible College courses and missionary studies.