What Do We Teach?

Berean Bible College offers a balanced Christian education spanning four Major courses of study: Ministerial, Missionary, Biblical Counseling, and Christian Education. These specific disciplines have specialized courses to more thoroughly equip the student in each field. Its aim is to further develop biblical study and theological skills, encourage spiritual growth and strengthen practical abilities needed for serving Christ and His Church at home and abroad.

Founded by George and Rita Evans, in September 1971, BBC has been equipping Christian laborers with a biblical foundation for more than 46 years. Originally housed in San Diego, Berean Bible College moved its campus to Poway, CA in 1991 and is located on the property of Living Way Church. Rev. Douglas Balcombe, Senior Pastor Emeritis of Living Way Church, serves as President of our institution.

From its inception, the vision of BBC has been to provide an institution that encompasses the diversity of the entire Christian community, teaching and training those desiring to serve God more effectively. Local pastors are invited to instruct classes in their areas of expertise, challenging and educating students regardless of denomination.

BBC's primary purpose is to assist individuals in developing their God-given talents.  We recognize that a degree or diploma does not necessarily produce a ministry.  Our approach is one of practical application, equipping individuals to serve in the area of ministry they are called to.

While BBC does not ordain, license or offer placement services to graduates, our long standing commitment to "excellence in preparation" is evident in the number of alumni around the world who graduated from BBC and are now working in ministry. 

Rev. Bobby San Miguel


Who Is Our STAFF?

Rev. Bobby San Miguel returned to BBC as our Dean in 2010.  Meredith Reynard came in as our Registrar in 2017.

Rev. Doug Balcombe


​​History of Berean Bible College

Ms. Meredith Reynard