Class Sequences 

Old Testament Survey I, II, III - 9 units
Pauline Epistles I, II - 6 units
Synoptic Gospel - 3 units
Church History I, II - 6 units
General Epistles - 3 units
Library Research - 2 units
First Principles - 2 units
History of Missions - 2 units
Elective Courses - 6 units

Total First Year Units = 39

New Testament Survey I, II, III - 9 units
Pneumatology - 3 units
Hermeneutics - 3 units
Psalms - 3 units
Self-Confrontation I, II - 6 units
Isaiah - 3 units
Personal Evangelism - 2 units
Romans - 2 units
Hebrews - 2 units
Elective Courses - 6 units

Total Second Year Units = 39

The following schedules are given to show the development of a full four-year program and the progressive sequence of studies offered. The school reserves the right to offer courses on alternate years or as needed.  Any scheduled class may be withdrawn if the demand is not sufficient.


Credit Program

Berean Bible College offers a comprehensive curriculum aligned with vocational majors.  Students pursuing certificates or degrees must enroll as Credit Students and complete the prescribed courses required for graduation and pass them with a grade of C- or better.

Audit Program

Students who desire to take classes to grow spiritually without earning credits towards a degree or certificate may audit a class.  Whether or not a student will take the class for credit or under the audit program must be determined prior to the registration deadline, (generally aligned with the second week of the session).  Only classes taken for credit are recognized towards a certificate or degree.

Vocation Objectives

This major is designed to furnish the student with knowledge of the Bible and to prepare individuals for full-time service as a pastor or an evangelist. Training includes preparation in such basic functions of the ministry as homiletics, exegesis, evangelism, pastoral counseling, church administration, conducting various types of worship services, and business meetings.

This course major is designed to furnish the student with knowledge of the Bible and prepare the individual for full time service in the mission field.  It is similar to the Ministerial course except that it is intended to prepare students for service in missions, both at home and abroad.  Special emphasis is placed on practical training on how to establish indigenous churches.

Christian Education
This course major is designed to finish the student with knowledge of the Bible, basic Christian Education principles and to prepare the individual for full-time service in the Christian Education program of a local church as an educational director and other related areas.

Biblical Counseling
This course major is designed to furnish the student with knowledge of the Bible, as well as presuppositions and methods of consistent Biblical counseling.  The student will be trained to view problems in life from God's perspective and will be encouraged to develop a methodology for change, which is in harmony with the Scriptures.

Theology I, II, III - 9 units
Johannine Writings - 3 units
Wisdom Literature - 3 units
Leadership - 3 units
Creation Science Research - 2 units
Marriage and Family - 2 units
Grace, The Making of Character - 2 units
Major Courses - 9 units
Elective Courses - 6 units

Total Third Year Units = 39

Greek I, II, III - 9 units
Apologetics - 3 units
Revelation - 3 units
Daniel - 3 units
Eschatology - 3 units
Thesis (or Student Teaching) - 2 units
Field Education - 2 units
Practical Ministry - 2 units
Major Courses - 6 units
Elective Courses - 6 units

Total Fourth Year Units = 39